Healing with gemstones

I’ve recently become very interested in gemstones and crystals and their metaphysical and healing properties.

The first stone I purchased for myself was from Stick, Stone & Bone on Christopher St. in Manhattan. I bought a piece of tumbled quartz crystal that grew warm in my palm as I held it. Without having any experience or knowledge about gemstones, I just picked up several samples and one of them seemed to feel right, so I purchased it. Little did I know that this is the way to select gemstones: hold them in your palm and feel their energy.

My collection has since grown to five pieces: the quartz crystal, a piece of Kambaba jasper, rhodochrosite, tektite, and malachite.

several examples of tumbled malachite

I’ve been reading books about crystals and healing, and using the crystals on myself, my friends, and even my plants. While I’m still very much at the beginning of this exploration, I have alleviated cramps by placing the malachite over my abdomen and felt relief from general exhaustion and stress by laying with quartz over my fourth chakra. Additionally, I absolutely feel the crystals: they each have their own energy, that can feel soft and grounding, like the jasper, or literally like something is being pulled out of me, which is how I respond to having malachite laid on me.

I’ll write more as I learn more. If you’ve had any experience with crystal healing, or perhaps using crystals in meditation, please let me know!


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