Thai Yoga Bodywork and its connection to yoga asana

Very good video from a massage therapist in Austin, Texas. This video shows some of the really incredible assisted stretches of Thai Massage. The recipient gets many of the same benefits of yoga, but doesn’t have to do anything. Sometimes called “lazy man’s yoga,” Thai Massage is an ancient healing modality that originated in the time of the Buddha. As you can see from this video, some of the stretches of Thai Yoga Bodywork resembles yoga asana. For example, the luxurious assisted bridge at about 3:55 really lengthens the spine and opens the hips. A side sen stretch at around 5:14 resembles Dancing Shiva or Natarajasana, opening both the heart center and lengthening the psoas.

Tune in to the breathing between the therapist and the client and you can get into the incredibly relaxing and connecting experience that is Thai Yoga Bodywork. Both relaxing and invigorating, Thai Yoga Bodywork is a beautiful therapy to give and to get.


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