What’s Your Motivation?

In this video, the Rinpoche asks “what is your motivation” and asserts that without a clear motivation for your meditation, you’re just wasting time. That’s a strong statement and one which immediately hit the spiderweb of my consciousness…a small tremble that spread across the fabric of my mind.

I usually sit for the calm, the quiet, and to practice being with what is. I close my sessions with a small invocation: every time I work at this level, I become more available for health, healing, and transformation. I also sit to observe my thoughts, to know myself better, to strip away the dross and get to the heart of what is. I want to be challenged by my desires, my resistances. I want to break through and have great awakening.

But I had not considered starting my sessions with exploring or examining my motivation, or letting motivation be a guiding thread throughout a day. This is a concept which I find very interesting, and surely beneficial. I will try it.

What do you think? Do you have a motivation for your meditation sessions? Is this like “setting an intention” for a yoga practice? How does this video make you feel? Did it result in any new insights for you?


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