Holistic Healing

Healing is something we all need. Having a human incarnation means most of us will experience pain, stress, trauma, illness, loss and change. The simple existence of being human generates plenty to heal from, and occasionally, we require deeper healing after an injury, illness, or traumatic emotional loss. Whether you find yourself reading this page because you have a specific injury or illness requiring healing or feel the need for healing in general, welcome and please read on.

Healing is an ongoing process. Healing is not something that happens from one day to the next, but over a period of weeks, months, and years.  I prefer to think of healing not only as an improvement or removal of the condition considered unwell or unwelcome, but as an journey towards wholeness, where we come to accept ourselves for who we are. Much of what is “unwell” in us is rejected or unrecognized parts of the personality, or the shadow. Healing helps us integrate our shadow, which can express itself physically in the body as tightness, restricted movement, pain, numbness, disgust (with the appearance of/function of a certain body part), congestion, illness, or simply lack of awareness/denial about a certain part of ourselves.

Physical injury/disease is a doorway into deeper understanding of ourselves and can be thought of as a wise teacher.It is our duty during this time of planetary evolution to become more whole, to heal ourselves, and to know ourselves better.  This includes healing or bringing together heretofore un-owned or rejected parts of self. The path of healing is not just for ourselves, but is also our duty towards the world. As we know ourselves, we know others, and as we become healthier, we bring more health and light into our daily earthwalk. This allows us to serve and support others who are on their own paths of healing and wholeness.

In healing ourselves, we help heal the world, the hoop of the people.

I offer specific or integrated healing sessions utilizing Thai Yoga Massage, reiki, shamanic healing practices, various yoga modalities, and crystal healing. For more information on these specific modalities, please visit the page for each subject. If you have any questions about holistic healing or yoga instruction in Jersey City or the New York City area, please contact me.

3 responses to “Holistic Healing

  1. Precious article to read for me as a holistic healer! Thank you!

  2. Brenda

    Hi Lola,
    Brenda here from the Ritz Plaza. Hope you are doing well. Your Sunday classes here were so good and so healing. I really miss it.

    • Dear Brenda, somehow I missed this comment. So great to hear from you. I miss you guys too. If you send me your email, I’ll send you some information about classes I’m teaching in NYC. Hope you’re doing well. All my best.

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