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Juvenile Red-Tail Hawk in Jersey City, NJ

Juvenile Red-Tail Hawk in Jersey City, NJ

Juvenile red-tail hawk with prey near Journal Square.

Red-tail hawks have been spotted in Jersey City since 2009 (at least according to a quick Google search). This forum post, started in September of 2009, shows a photo of an adult red-tail hawk perched near Journal Square’s PATH station. The Jersey Journal also photographed a hawk (same one?) in 2009, this photo taken a few weeks earlier in August. Then, fast forward to February 2012, and we have video footage of a red-tail hawk atop St. Bridget’s Church in Jersey City.

The above hawk being a juvenile leads me to think that the adult from 2009 has reared offspring in this area.

The animal totem of hawk governs visionary abilities and guardianship. The red-tail hawk is considered a messenger. Whenever it shows up, a message is coming. This is a powerful totem having to do with discovering and living from your life purpose, or said another way, living your dharma.

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January 21, 2013 · 3:09 pm