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July Relaxation Reward: Private Yoga & Thai Massage Bundle

thai massage NYC jersey city

Take advantage of my special July private yoga/thai massage bundle to get that lazy day summer feel!

July is here, and on this first day of the month, I’m reflecting about how summer FEELS in the body. Remember being a kid and feeling so good and relaxed when school ended and your days just stretched out in front of you with no obligations or responsibilities? We had fun exploring, being with our friends, or taking quiet time with a book or art project. We moved our bodies and got dirty. We played and scraped our knees. And at the end of the day, we slept peacefully and soundly, then jumped out of bed to do it again the next day! Childhood was so much fun and our bodies remember that delightful combination of physical activity and relaxation, of being so tuned in to the present moment and enjoying everything that came our way.

To help us busy New Yorkers reconnect with this feeling, I’ve designed a special July bundle of Private Yoga & Thai Massage. This is a 2 to 3 hour time commitment but afterwards, you will feel amazing, and maybe even reclaim some of that sparkly summer energy we had as kids.

I can only fit a few of these into my schedule because ideally, we should do 60-75 minutes of private yoga, followed by an hour to 90 minutes of thai massage, so if you’re interested, please let me know soon so I can organize my schedule. I’m pricing these to encourage you to do it! It’s like getting the yoga free, or the thai massage free, however you want to slice it.

60 minutes yoga/60 minutes thai for $135
75 minutes yoga/75 minutes thai for $165
upgrade to 90 minutes of thai on either package for $30

To schedule your appointment, email me at rephann at gmail dot com.

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Yoga in Jersey City

Do you live in Jersey City, New Jersey in the Journal Square area? Are you looking for yoga instruction in the Jersey City Journal Square area? I am a certified yoga instructor living in Jersey City near Journal Square available for private, semi-private, group, and corporate classes.

There are not many options for yoga in the Jersey City area, especially around our lovely Journal Square area. I live a short walk from the Journal Square PATH station and can teach in the privacy of my home or yours. Private yoga instruction is actually the way yoga was taught eons ago, with one student and one teacher working together to raise the consciousness of the student, or devotee as they were called then. A modern teacher/student relationship is not too different, with me, the teacher, working closely with you, the student, to figure out what is most important to you, what is most valuable to you, and helping you become more aware of the immense power for creativity and manifestation within you.

Whether you want to build on a current yoga practice, start practicing yoga for the first time, relax, de-stress, calm your mind, improve your health, increase your flexibility and strength, defeat insomnia, become more balanced and serene, find more joy in your life, or just experience the beautiful presence of mind that is the gift of yoga, and you live in Jersey City, New Jersey, I may be the teacher for you.

My yoga teaching background includes the following:

  • staff teacher for nearly three years at Reflections Yoga in midtown Manhattan
  • experience working with teenagers, adults, corporate groups, beginner yoga students, and recovery from injury
  • experienced thai massage therapist
  • over 12 years of personal practice
  • study with world renown teachers
  • extensive study of yoga philosophy, pranayama, and meditation
  • bilingual Spanish
  • I have training in Yin Yoga, Forrest Yoga, hatha & vinyasa yoga, thai massage, and meditation.

Together we can design a custom yoga and wellness program for you (or with your family or friends) that will bring increased vitality, joy, and relaxation to your life! Yoga will keep you young in mind, body, and spirit.

Please contact me with any questions about creating a custom yoga program for your Jersey City Journal Square lifestyle. I am honored to be of service.  Please see my About Me page for more information on my teaching background and style.

I look forward to be of service in the healing, health and wholeness of Jersey City residents. Namaste.

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Thai Yoga Bodywork and its connection to yoga asana

Very good video from a massage therapist in Austin, Texas. This video shows some of the really incredible assisted stretches of Thai Massage. The recipient gets many of the same benefits of yoga, but doesn’t have to do anything. Sometimes called “lazy man’s yoga,” Thai Massage is an ancient healing modality that originated in the time of the Buddha. As you can see from this video, some of the stretches of Thai Yoga Bodywork resembles yoga asana. For example, the luxurious assisted bridge at about 3:55 really lengthens the spine and opens the hips. A side sen stretch at around 5:14 resembles Dancing Shiva or Natarajasana, opening both the heart center and lengthening the psoas.

Tune in to the breathing between the therapist and the client and you can get into the incredibly relaxing and connecting experience that is Thai Yoga Bodywork. Both relaxing and invigorating, Thai Yoga Bodywork is a beautiful therapy to give and to get.

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