Eka Pada Rajakapotanasana variation

Eka Pada Rajakapotanasana variation

My name is Lola Rephann and I am a yogini, an astrologer, an empath, a DJ and music producer and all-around curious soul. I teach yoga and offer thai massage and shamanic reiki healing in Jersey City, New Jersey and New York City.

I have explored many styles of yoga, from vinyasa to classical hatha, bikram to ashtanga, and have practiced yoga for over 15 years. I teach Forrest Yoga, breath-focused/kinesthetically aware vinyasa yoga and Yin Yoga. Private yoga practice is a cornerstone of a healing or lifestyle conversion program. I will help you attain health and wellness and educate you about your body-mind-spirit. I am a patient, well-trained, and perceptive teacher and wellness partner.

Yoga & Bodywork/Healing Training:

Where I’ve studied/practiced:

  • Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, New York City
  • Integral Yoga Center, New York City
  • Reflections Yoga, New York City
  • Om Yoga, New York City
  • Laughing Lotus, New York City
  • Kula Yoga Project, New York City
  • ISHTA Yoga, New York City
  • Levitate Yoga, New York City
  • Yoga to the People, New York City
  • Prana Power Yoga, New York City
  • Bikram Yoga Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York
  • Park Slope Yoga Center, Brooklyn, New York
  • Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch, Woodbourne, New York
  • Bikram’s Yoga College of India, South Beach, Miami
Teachers, Inspirations, Training and Study:

The first time I ever did yoga, I was a little girl. My mom took me to a class at the local public library. I remember doing tree pose and loving the idea that my arms were branches and my feet were rooted into the earth. I connected with yoga very naturally. As an adolescent, I was fascinated by the mind-body connection. I spent many years doing lots of physical stuff (martial arts, weight lifting, bike riding, hiking, etc.) before returning to yoga in the early 1990s, where I practiced at the Sivananda Center in New York City.

I studied martial arts for about ten years. I received my black belt in HapKiDo from the New York Martial Arts Center (now World Martial Arts Center), studied mixed martial arts with the TSK family of schools, and studied Shaolin Kung-Fu at Alan Lee’s Chinese Kung-Fu Wu-Su Association. During the very earliest years of my path, I was a certified professional aerobics instructor, teaching fitness classes in Connecticut and New York.

I also study astrology, tarot and other esoteric and healing arts. I am very interested in psychic and intuitive abilities in humans, human/animal communication (telepathic/energetic), intuitive “knowing,” energetic systems (chakras and the various energy bodies), and heightened states of consciousness and awareness. I practice healing through nutritional and lifestyle changes, energetic awareness, and harmonization with natural cycles (seasons, time of day/year, hormonal cycles, etc.).

I am available for private, semi-private, group and corporate yoga instruction and yoga classes in Jersey City and New York City.

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