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Holiday Forrest Yoga & Yin Yoga Retreat in Paradise, Costa Rica!

I’m thrilled to be leading another retreat at Anamaya Resort in beautiful Montezuma, Costa Rica from Dec. 19-26, 2015. How special to be teaching over Christmas week! I am honored to be spending my holidays with the beautiful people and guests of Anamaya and invite you to join us for week of magic, play, rejuvenation, growth, community, kindness, friendship, and fun! What a better way to end your year than in the paradise setting of Anamaya.

This week I will be teaching my two passions, Forrest Yoga and Yin Yoga! We’ll have energizing, strength-building, and healing Forrest Yoga-inspired Vinyasa classes in the morning, and meditative, healing, grounding Yin Yoga practices at night. There will be meditation offered both morning and evening and a workshop on “Unlocking the Gates,” a revitalizing and prana-moving Forrest Yoga workshop to open the hips, quads, and groins. Ooooh!

Anamaya Resort is a top notch destination featuring incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and Costa Rican cloud forest canopy. Located just above the canopy, the location of Anamaya offers unparalleled views of the coastline, flora, fauna, and our resident animal friends, the howler monkeys, iguanas, birds of prey, and many other incredible species, all right there in front of your eyes. There is an ozonated pool (no chlorine here!), an infrared sauna, hammocks and chaises for napping, and 3 meals daily of the cleanest, freshest, most high-vibe organic food you’ve ever had. I always leave Anamaya inspired to revamp my own meal plan! Anamaya also has a world-class spa for facials, massage, and other mind-body wellness treatments. And the grounds of Anamaya are an epiphany of how we can live in balance with our natural surroundings.

Packages start at $1500 all inclusive for an incredible week in one of the most magical locations on planet earth. Please message me with any questions about this incredible yoga retreat in Costa Rica during the holidays.



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How To Use A Neti Pot

Winter is fast approaching, and that means, for many of us, sniffles, sneezing, colds, dry nasal passages, and coughs. At the first sign of a tickle, instead of calling your doctor or rushing to the drugstore for pills, how about trying a natural method for maintaining healthy nasal passages: the neti pot!

The neti pot has been part of Ayurveda for a long, long time. Used to clean and clear nasal passages, the neti pot has been used for allergies, colds, sinus congestion, and many other respiratory ailments. Using simply warm water and salt, a neti pot is used to irrigate, or wash, the nasal passages.

Daily nasal irrigation may be too much for most people except when treating a cold or allergy that has already manifested into something present. For maintenance, using a neti pot a few times a week is good enough for most people.

Nasal irrigation removes pollen, dust, particulate matter, as well as any viral or bacterial material that may be caught in that other gunk. Nasal irrigation also keeps the nasal passages moist, which is important for increased immunity against microbes (a nice layer of mucus will help protect the delicate skin on the inside of the nose).

Here’s a very simple article on how to use a neti pot, re-posted from The Well Daily, as well as a video for anyone curious about adding a neti pot to their winter wellness routine.

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