Spreading Through the Bones – Active Hands and Feet

I blog occasionally for Yoga In The Heights, the studio where I teach in Jersey City Heights. Here’s a post on a topic I am most passionate about, active hands and feet!

Yoga in the Heights

by Lola Rephann

Energetically, the hands and feet are the foundation in most yoga poses. In all the standing poses, our feet are the foundation. In inversions like handstand or arm balances like bakasana (crow), the hands are the foundation. And then there are some poses, such as downward dog, where both hands and feet are on the ground. Think of the foundation of a home. If a home is built on saggy foundation, the entire edifice sags. A strong foundation can survive hurricanes, floods, and all kinds of challenges!

Something I have noticed as a yoga teacher is that students often stop their asanas at the ankle or wrist. Why does this happen, and what experience is lost when students do not engage the muscles, bones, and energy to the very periphery of their bodies?

I would argue that missing out on the hands and feet, which only amount…

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