Praise and feedback. If you have studied with me and would like to submit a testimonial, I’d love to feature it on my site! Please write to me at yoga at dakinisbliss dot com. Thank you!

I moved to the Jersey City area a couple of years ago and found the yoga scene to be fairly dismal.  I was introduced to Lola by a friend and we have been practicing yoga together with her since. Lola is the ideal yoga teacher, she clearly is knowledgeable and knows her craft, but is also patient and works with your physical limitations while encouraging you to take your practice up a notch, each time. Not to mention her adjustments are spot on! A private/semi private lesson is a great setting for practicing yoga and is well served by a strong teacher-student understanding.
– Ana, Jersey City
I have been a student of Lola’s for two years, and I am a better person for it.  She exudes quiet confidence, genuine caring, and inspires me to reconnect with my body, mind and soul.  Her ability to modify poses to address my strengths and weaknesses has been extremely useful.  I leave each class feeling calm and energized.  And, just for the record, the Thai massage is awesome!
– Shivani, Jersey City, NJ
If I had to sum up Lola’s classes in a word, it would be REVELATORY.  I have learned so much about my various bodies – both subtle and physical – from her.  Lola has the rare ability to teach abstract things in a concrete way such that you will, for example, learn to feel the exact location of your base chakra, along with other things that make you go Oooooh.  Her voice is soothing, her adjustments are spot on, and she often treats us to some juicy restorative poses at the end of class.  She embodies kindness and creates a respite from the cold hard city.
– Ivy Raff, astrologer, yoga teacher, world traveller
Lola has the presence of a native speaker of yoga, is versed in several approaches, and is well able to convey the connections and threads between body and spirit. Her teaching always has a deep soothing rhythm to it even as she encourages her fellow yogis to go towards the edge of their comfort zone.
– Neal Climenhaga, poet, proofreader, music lover

One response to “Testimonials

  1. Lola is a skilled, gentle, inquisitive and thoughtful yoga teacher. She is also amazingly loving, kind, and supportive of her students and peers. I have loved getting to take classes with Lola and look forward to more. PS – Lola is also so stylish! She inspires cool!

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