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Full Moon in Taurus at 29 Degrees – November 21, 2010

Today at 12:28pm EST, we find the moon full in Taurus, opposition the sun in Scorpio. The full moon occurs in the last degree of Taurus, and anytime we reach 29 degrees of any sign, it is considered a “master degree” where all the lessons of that sign come to full fruition. Taurus is a fixed earth sign represented by the bull. The natural ruler of the 2nd house of the zodiac, Taurus rules possessions, values, and money. Taurus is concerned with the material in life, and as such, approaches life via the senses: touch, smell, feel, taste, etc.

During this full moon, the energies we put forth during the waxing moon time (from the New Moon to the Full Moon, when the moon is growing) should be coming to fruition. The New Moon in Scorpio, Taurus’ opposing sign, occured on November 6th. Scorpio New Moon brought in the energies of transformation, of starting anew, as a new moon starts anew the cycle of growing into fullness. With the energies of the Scorpio moon, we were supported in bringing our inner world into alignment with our outer world. These energies were even more focused as Venus was in retrograde, also in Scorpio. All retrograde periods are times for the “re’s”: re-evalution, re-consideration, re-integration. During the last month, we have been called inside to explore what really lies in our hearts, and the desire to unify our deepest feelings and most strongly held values with our external, daily lives has become a strong theme.

With the move of the moon into mutable, energetic, mercurial Gemini and the Sun into expansive Saggitarius, we are supported in bring the internal work of the previous month into being.

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