Soul Path Astrology

I have been studying astrology for about ten years. I read charts from a karmic perspective, allowing the planets to paint a picture of the soul’s evolutionary progress. I often combine my understanding of astrology and its forces with my yoga practice and teaching. This is a way to stay connected to both our natural environment and the present moment.

From time to time, I will post musings on astrological transits, as well as sample chart readings in this section of the site. I am also available for consultations. If you are interested in exploring your karmic path/past more deeply, please contact me.

2 responses to “Soul Path Astrology

  1. josie Mags

    Can your nodes tell you when you will meet your soul mate in a soul chart? How do you read when your paths will cross on your chart?

    • That is probably more in the realm of horary (predictive) astrology. I prefer to use the nodes to look at what TYPE of person your soul mate probably is, because you will have complementary soul paths. The node can also alert you to when you are getting into a karmic relationship, which will most likely feel really amazing, comfy, and known, and will probably NOT contribute to your growth. It can, however, help you see patterns. So look more to qualities, than timing, I would say. Good luck!

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