Does the 200-hour yoga teacher training produce well-qualified teachers?

Signs you are in a TT: colored pens & pencils; binders & notebooks; foam yoga blocks used as desks :)

Signs you are in a TT: colored pens & pencils; binders & notebooks; foam yoga blocks used as desks 🙂

As yoga grows in popularity, more scrutiny is being cast upon teacher training programs. Is the 200-hour teacher training enough to really prepare someone for teaching yoga? I look into this question in a blog post I wrote for This is a multi-layered question with no right answer since many of us decide to do a yoga teacher training only after we’ve had decades of practice, while some of us jump in after only a few months. These, and other factors, weigh in on the final answer of “does a 200-hour teacher training adequately prepare people to teach yoga?”

In my opinion, a personal practice is where a teacher finds his/her wisdom, but a yoga teacher training, or “YTT” in the parlance, obviously fills in certain key gaps (like anatomy, a structured approach to the Sutras, etc.) that practitioners may not have dove into in their own practice.

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3 responses to “Does the 200-hour yoga teacher training produce well-qualified teachers?

  1. Having your own practice and a 200 hour teacher training certainly is a starting point. Each time I teach or take another’s class, I learn. Each time I interact with other yogis, I learn. I continue to take workshops and CECs. I read lots of books and explore YouTube. Now I’ve decided to pursue the therapeutic path.

  2. It seems the issue here is more about trust than anything else. Can you trust someone that “only” has had a 200 teacher training course under their belt? That comes down to a completely individual assessment. A small example: I am currently undergoing the 200 hour training, yet I only began yoga 8 or 9 months ago. Even though I haven’t practiced for long, I realized quickly that through yoga I can learn to love myself and then help others to do so as well. In this truth and pure intention, I’m absorbing the information at a fast rate because I love it so much. With experience, I know I’ll get better and better, but as I have been beginning to teach here and there, I have only received positive reviews. If a person has the correct intention and passion for yoga, despite their experience, their teaching practice should translate effectively and students will trust a teacher like this. In that way, “good” teachers will prevail. It would be obvious to the student that the practice isn’t that great if the teacher does not have love and pure intentions, and that student would probably seek another teacher. I’d rather be optimistic than cynical about the fact that more people want to practice and teach yoga. It is an uplifting prospect 🙂

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