Stages of a Twin Flame relationship

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At one point, I believed I had met my Twin Flame, but I was sad because I was not sure if he recognized me as his Twin Flame. I still believe there is a bond between me & this person, but I am fully in the stage of Surrender, and have moved on. All along, I knew the pain and frustration of this non-consummated union was in service of spiritual growth. Unconditional love was one of the most poignant lessons I learned from this not-quite-relationship, as was listening to my Higher Self, which doesn’t think and analyze, but receives, senses, and knows without knowing.

As human evolution continues to advance, and spiritual growth accelerates for those who are tuned in to such energies on the planet, I believe we will be seeing and hearing a lot more about Twin Flames. I don’t think Twin Flames need to be united in sex or physical love. As tempting as it may be to feel this person is “made for you,” maybe they are made for you as a beacon towards your own spiritual development, which will enable you to love ALL, not just one, with the gift of spiritual, accepting, un-grasping love.


The Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship
  1. Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening
  2. Testing
  3. Crisis
  4. Runner Dynamic
  5. Surrender
  6. Radiance
  7. Harmonizing

**The Key to getting to the final Harmonizing stage with the least amount of suffering is to bypass one’s own Testing, Crisis and Runner stages.  This can be accomplished by staying surrendered to G…od throughout. **

Stage 1:  Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening

Characteristics of Stage 1:
Both Twins recognize one another at the soul level and feel as if they have met before.  Synchronious events surround the union.  The heart chakras open and both souls quickly merge into a third unified energy.  Both Twins experience an acceleration of spiritual understanding.

The purpose of the Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening Stage:
To activate the memory of each soul’s life mission and to help awaken each Twin to higher levels of consciousness.

Stage 2:  Testing

Characteristics of Stage 2:
The initial temporary spiritual awakening (illumination) fades. The ego (“little self”) begins to re-emerge.  One or both Twins may attempt to fit the relationship into the “old model” of Love, couplehood and relationship as it relates to their ego desires and learned belief system.  Inner conflict arises.  Twins ruminate on what they were taught to believe their beloved “should be” and how relationships are supposed to serve them.

Both Twins feel simultaneously inspired and toppled by the power of the union.
Doubts creep in making one or both Twins begin to view their beloved critically or suspiciously.

The purpose of the Testing stage:
To cause outdated mental concepts about relationships to rise to the surface to be cleared.

Stage 3:  Crisis

Characteristics of Stage 3:
The crisis of the Twin is realizing they must reject their egoic beliefs about Love relationships or reject their beloved.  Having to shed “little self” or identity-based beliefs and desires to embrace a higher expression of Love can lead to stubbornness and anxiety.  Fear can take hold, triggering many dysfunctional emotional patterns.  In staying present with the patterns, they can be witnessed and released.

Despite fears, both Twins naturally come together in cycles for bonding, confession, forgiveness and Lovemaking.  These rituals cement higher levels of consciousness into the energy fields of both Twins.

The purpose of the Crisis stage:
To provide opportunities for the healing and maturing of the mental and emotional bodies.

Stage 4:  The Runner Dynamic

Characteristics of Stage 4:
The human ego naturally fears annihilation in the face of the Unified Consciousness encoded inside the Twin Flame Union.  The pain body rises up and old ego survival mechanisms or “bottom of the barrel” emotional and mental patterns like defiance, resistance, manipulation, anger, punishing and judgment arise.

One or both Twins become emotionally and mentally flooded with deep pain from what feels like soul-level rejection and abandonment.  The unbearable soul-level pain leads one or both Twins to withdraw physically and block communication in fear and futility.  One or both Twins may unsuccessfully try to re-create the original unified harmony.

The purpose of the Runner Dynamic:
To propel both individuals towards God for healing and maturation of the spiritual body.

NOTE:  The temptation to engage in ego battle or withdrawal is very seductive and difficult for many to resist, which is why many Twins never reach Surrender, Radiance or Harmony.

Remember, there is no room for judgment in Twin Soul pairings. Each soul learns from much walking its own path and choosing through its own will.  Your non-attached loving thoughts will be felt by your beloved in the subconscious, keeping them strong.

Stage 5:  Surrender

Characteristics of Stage 5: 
The direction and outcome of the relationship is surrendered to God in full faith and trust that the Union is under Divine Protection.  It is accepted that what is best and destined for the final physical harmonizing will transpire in its own time. (Both Twins must reach Illumination in order to harmonize in the physical)

The “Runner” Twin is allowed the space and freedom to choose to evolve at their own pace in their own way.  At this stage, the frequency of compassion returns and maintains itself.  The Surrendered Twin holds a heart space for their beloved while fully exploring life on the way to becoming an Illuminated human.  This may be a time of channeling Unconditional Love into art, music, writing, teaching, active service or some other creative outlet.

Purpose of the Surrender stage:
To help each soul release the ego, develop regular communication with God and demonstrate their full trust in God to do what is best and when.

Stage 6:  Self Realization, Illumination, Radiance

Characteristics of Stage 6: 
The ego or “little self” dies and the God-force energy takes over the body.  This leads to a complete spiritual awakening, arriving at one’s fully awakened divinity. This is the stage of radiating Divine Love rather than seeking romantic Love.

At this stage, the surrendered Twin’s emotional, mental and spiritual bodies arrive at full maturity.  New creativity and healing abilities arise, which are put in service to assist others.
Purpose of the Radiance stage:
To establish an outward flow of Divine Love through one’s body and works, which vibrates at a level that uplifts humanity.
Stage 7:  Harmonizing
Characteristics of Stage 7:
By this stage both Twins have awakened.  They come together in the physical to assimilate their newly evolved energies, flowing into the new dynamic of their Unified Potential.  Both Twins integrate fully into the third energy of Unconditional Love in a way that influences others towards their own heart opening.
Purpose of the Harmonizing stage:
To fulfill the intended mission of the Twin Flame Union.
**Twin Flame relationships come into your life to help mold you to embody the vibration of Unconditional Love.**
Written by a gal named Jenna
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  1. heartofbella

    This was excellent! I actually posted about this Twin Flame experience with my twin….I’m still going to post more on the subject later on but if you would like check out my post on “You are not my soul mate…”

    Thank you, I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog..this is wonderful! 🙂

  2. heartofbella

    Also would you mind if I reblogged this in on my posts? I’m trying to find more info on this matter to write about and this is so happened to shine so bright in my direction. Let me know if that would be ok with you.

    Thank you again. You have no idea how much this helps.

  3. Hi heartofbella…please do repost. There is a good amount of info online about Twin Flames, Twin Souls, etc., but I really think it helps if people who have felt this connection blog about their personal experience, which I will do one of these days! Also see my post about “unrequited love,” as that is also informed by the Twin Flame experience. I will check out your blog now…thanks for stopping by!

  4. I honestly do not know right now….. I would really like some more understanding on this, because I feel this could possibly be happening andddddddd I may be right I may be wrong, just not sure at this stage of the game right now…..

  5. Yamyah

    thank you for this.

  6. Amazing and uncannily accurate compared to personal experience.

    A little heavy the “God” word. God should not be personified or individualized which is the impression I get from the manner the word was used. To do so would be to make him an idol and therefore imperfect. Less then one.

    We are all God. Each a whole in part. Each a unique angel of expression.

    It is our imperfection, our error, our “original sin” that gives us individuality and the ability to experience time. If God is everything then he is impossibly perfect …nothing.

    The next best thing is our collective higher selves and the oneness of infinity 😉

  7. Kennique

    This was sooo perfect:)

  8. Thankyou for reposting from my site , feel free to share anything from my sites – we need to get the info out there! 🙂 x

  9. I realize it’s been awhile since you wrote this article but I just felt the need to thank you for sharing it! I’ve been researching Twin Flames/Souls lately, and this was just what I needed to read! Thank you!

  10. I’m the surrendered twin…
    and i’m having difficulty…
    I want to be “the runner” but I’m not.
    I don’t know what to do…
    His energy consumes me.

  11. NYC

    Hi Stephanie,
    I know exactly what you mean…it’s very draining!

  12. narayan

    Please help me whom i have to contact as whether person i have met with on 11.12.2010 is my twinfalme my email

  13. Elisha

    im 17.. 18 next month ..
    im confused though.
    i feel i found my twin flame and he thinks the same, but im scared to “just follow my heart”
    so my head has me going in circles.
    my twin doesnt seem to give up. he gladly tries to fix things because he knows i’ve been heart broken before. HELLLLPPPPPPPP!!

  14. Anonymous

    I’ve reached the surrender stage. It was a hard road to get to, but he has told me he’s not ready yet and I’m fully prepared to let go. We still maintain contact, and I still love him unconditionally, but since our meeting I have found my “self” and no longer feel I need a partner to be a complete and whole human being. I really never thought I’d reach this stage, but somehow it worked itself out. I know we are always connected, and I can feel his energy in me all the time now, so being temporarily separated physically doesn’t bother me anymore.

    • Anna

      To Anonymous-

      I admire you. It’s been a very long journey for me to reach that stage of unconditional love and acceptance. Honestly, I think I’m still only half way there. I have a lot to learn. My ego still feels hurt even four years later.

    • Anca

      Hi would you mind if we chat sometimes im in the crisis stage right now i wish i could share that please add me anyone on facebook name is Caia Anca Jende or on skype caia.anca
      please anyone that would like to chat about there experience about twin flames please add me , im in desperate need for some advice

  15. Just Another Twin

    I felt so alone in my experiences until I read this. Thank you so much for sharing. I had no idea that my difficult love experience could be related to my spiritual awakening, until very recently. It was a long, dramatic, often very difficult road, but I have finally reached level 6 and I am using my higher vibrational levels to create art to share with humanity. Never give up hope! Highest blessings unto all.

  16. Anna

    Thank you for this very enlightening blog. My twin flame and I ended up separating because the union did not match the normal paradigm of love as our society teaches. We were both not ready to accept the insanely strong connection, especially my twin. It’s easier to run away and try to pretend like it never happened. I am still learning the process of developing unconditional love. I believe that is the only way to heal and accept the experience.

  17. I have such a difficult question that I can’t solve on my own. See I’m 15..
    and I think I’ve found my twin flame… I think it’s my ex- teacher from Dutch from 2 years ago ..but first of all he’s 33.. and I don’t know if that’s possible,I think he’s my twinsoul because I was an anti -gay and lesbian person untill I met him.. I felt like i’ve met him before and when I had problems he was the only one that saw that there was something wrong.. but when he asked if there was something wrong… but I was too scared so I said that everything was alright, but when I said that we looked in each other eyes, and it gave me that warm feeling and at the other side pain . cuz I was so scared to lose him.. now it’s 2 years later, & I’ve decided that I’m going to talk with him in a few days.. cuz those problems got worse… but I’m so scared to go to him and I’m scared I’m goin to cry, cuz maybe he doesn’t remember that one conversation…and maybe he doesn’t recognize me at all .. please can someone tell me what to do?

  18. bea

    Hi, i feel very sad now because my twin flame doesnt want to be with me in a romatic relationship. i tried with him but he said me he wanted to have a girlfriend, another woman, but he wants me as a friend, i felt very bad and angry and left him… i dont know why he did that :/

  19. Changed for the better

    By reading this I have realized that I have met my twin flame. I was hurt and deeply depressed that I haven’t seen him for 7 months. Though I’m okay cause I’ve never felt this way before, he is very special to me. He changed my life and my way him of thinking. I am in the surrender stage, I believe in the divine plan and that my TF and I will reunite and be together forever.

  20. scw

    Never heard of twin flames before, thought life was all about getting up, going to work, paying the bills, looking after my wife & kids. That was until 3 weeks ago, I didn’t ask for what happened, felt like being hit by a truck (guess I shouldn’t have stepped onto the freeway). I’m acting like a teenager in love & struggling with the emotions.
    Stage 1 Check Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening
    Stage 2 Check Testing
    Stage 3 Check Crisis
    Stage 4 Now Runner Dynamic (Why do I have to be the runner)
    Here’s the deal; it’s not my wife & my kids are still young.
    Guess I can’t turn back now, to painful, but going forward hurts too, can I run away? I’m thinking about not running anymore, heard she might get a ‘soul shock’. Either way, no quick fix here. Surrender sounds good but I see her everyday, that won’t be easy then! HELP!!!

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  23. 1 step forward, 2 steps back

    I was at stage 6 when a lover from the past re-entered my life and asked me to marry them. When I broke their heart and told them no, my connection to the universe completely cut off and I felt I lost my higher purpose (may also be because I’m empathic and have a bad habit of taking the pain of others for myself, oops). After about a month of failing to find divinity again, my twin flame came to me unannounced after a very long absence. We were both not ready to reunite. The meeting was uncomfortable, it was like looking at a magnified laundry list of my shortcomings and flaws that I was struggling to work on, and I can only assume they had a similarly difficult experience. They ran again. So I’m back at silent stage 5. Is this the universe’s way of helping me find stage 6 again? Very strange.

  24. E

    Thank you sooo much for this article. It is spot on. I’m just returning to the surrender stage once again before accepting the creative stage of honoring my spirit. Peace to you.

  25. narayan

    how to get reply to my query

  26. narayan

    i feel i have been attracted by few or two of them have responded me confirmning my feelings.Yet i am not sure of this. Still i have doubts how to go about this type of relations

  27. Troy

    My girlfriend of just over a year introduced me to this concept. She is , or rather was, more spititual than me and very in touch with her higher self, etc. We both felt an instant bond and familiarity with each other, true love at first sight and a sense that we had always known each other. Our love and affection was unconditional and our love making beyond belief. She especially was overwhelmed by the intensity of our love making. I, not being a naturally romantic or expressive person, was more otaken by the sense of warmth and comfort I got whenever we hugged, more so than the sex. While she being very expressive and spontaneous often felt overwhelmed by the whole experience. Our living situations weren’t ideal, I worked long disjointed hours, always had money problems and had no car. She lived in another county and is a single self employed mother of two. So there was imbalance in the relationship, she did all the travelling/driving and often had to pay for me due to my debts. This always upset me because I wanted to be more suportive to her, she tried to end the relationship on a couple of occasions but always came back and the relationship would thennhit a new high. The xmas she finally asked for a break, I agreed. I had a lot of changes to make to my life and she had a lot of things she needed to focus her energy on. She insisted we stay in close contact saying she couldn’t handle it if I changed my attitude or became distant. I have since started a new job and moved into a new town just a couple of miles from where she lives. But since then she has become increasingly distant and started putting up the very barriers she insisted I shouldn’t. Now, in the last couple of weeks she has changed completely. She is bitter and resentful toward me, even downright hostile and I don’t know why. I understand that she needs to do things to help her grow and she has set herself an incredible amount of goals for this year, she claims she is happier now than she ever was before, but she never used to hold bitterness toward anyone in the way she does to me now. I’m in pieces, I simply can’t understand why she has changed so much and and is so irritated by me. She is the one who all along insisted I was her soulmate and that she had never felt love like it before and that she knew she would never feel love like it again. Is this the runner phase and is there hope for us or do I need to face up the the fact that my soulmate, who now hates my guts, is never going to be a part of my life again?

  28. Daniel

    My twin flame and I met about 7 years ago. We were together for several months, but it ended in a total disaster. It was awful, and I nearly physically died because of the separation. She was the runner, I was the surrendered one. Lately, even though we haven’t spoken in years, I’ve had dreams of her telling me she loves me and that she’s trying to think of the best way to approach me (and how to find me, since I’m not on social media) about “coming together.” I also intuited that she was going to dump her boyfriend of several years, and lo and behold it happened a few weeks ago, according to her facebook.

    Reading this post was like reading a story of the last 7 years of my life. It will be interesting to see what happens when she makes contact.

    • Troy

      What has happened. Has she got back in touch with you yet?

      • Daniel

        Sorry, I totally didn’t realize you had replied. No. No contact, but I can feel her pulling me strongly. I’ve totally disengaged from all forms of social media. There is no way for her to find me as of now, and that’s the way it has to be. I don’t know how I know that, but I am sure of it. It has to be difficult for her to find me. If it’s too easy, she won’t appreciate me for what I am. I am also about to move very far away from her (across the country). I think she probably has an intuition I am going to do this as well, which might explain why I think she wants to find me.

        Years ago, right after we exploded at each other and parted ways, I had a dream where we were both in a college library (I am now back in school after a long hiatus). She was sitting down trying to study. I would try and sit down next to her and then she would get annoyed and storm off. I tried that several times until I finally just sat down by myself somewhere else and started studying on my own. The minute I did that, she walked up to me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, took my hand, and led me out of the library.

        As for the symbolism, I am now at the point where I’m sitting down by myself. The only thing is, I don’t really want her to lead me out of the library. I want to stay without her. Ironically, that’s the most likely time you will see your runner twin flame pop up. When you don’t want them to.

      • Troy

        Well, it sounds like you are coping well. My problems started when I moved closer to my twin flame. We had planned this for a while but then she asked for a break until I got my life more settled but during this break I got offered a new job near to her, which I took and I moved into a town just up the road from her. She was excited about this but the weekend I moved she completely changed her attitude and started being really hostile towards me. I bumped into her last weekend at a work seminar and she did everything in her power to completely blank me. I have since focussed my energy more on myself and am trying really hard to put her to the back of my mind but she is in my dreams every night, even if I haven’t been thinking about her the day before. Some of these dreams have been really profound, in one she told me how she had to delete and block me on Facebook and then, later that week, she did it for real. Anyway, I hope everything works out for you Daniel, but it sounds like you have it under control. Stay strong dude.

      • Daniel

        Hang in there. It gets a lot easier to be away from them as time goes on. i still feel the “pull” to her intensely at times, but I’m detached from it emotionally now. In the past it was torture, now it’s almost as if I am viewing it remotely from another location. It doesn’t affect my life at all.

        I love my life away from her and wouldn’t sacrifice what I have now just to be with her. I’m moving across the country to finish school and, quite frankly, don’t have time for a relationship in general (let alone with her). This is exactly the time you should see your twin pop up in some way. When you reach this point. Well, I’m assuming so anyway. Haven’t seen her yet, so I can’t state that as fact.

        When my twin and I originally met we both had dreams of needing to leave each other and split apart every night leading up to the “break up.” Perhaps your dreams are telling you something similar. If things aren’t working out between you right now, it might be pertinent to move to a different city to get away from her and clear your mind. That’s what I did, and I’m so much better off for it.

      • Troy

        So glad you’re at peace with your situation. I personally am just confused and hurt by her change in attitude, it’s like she decided to blame me for every bad experience and every bad choice she’s ever made in her life. It’s been several months now and I’m just concentrating on myself and building my new business and career. I have a lot of personal development to go through to get to the point I want to be at in my life. I have no intentions of moving from where I now live or work, I love that job and the people I work with, it’s perfect for me. I intend to continue my journey inspite of her and if she can’t handle the fact that I live near her and still have many of the same interests as her and still work in the same field as her then that’s just tough. I have no doubt that in this time that she is going to achieve professional greatness, I always said she had that in her and now she has the freedom to develop she will become a huge success. I just wish she wasn’t deflecting such hatred and hostility towards me, it’s so irrational and immature. We’re not kids, we’re both in our forties but she acts to me like a stroppy teenager now. Such a shame, I wonder if there’s any material I could source to help me better understand the psychology.

  29. I’m currently experiencing the runner dynamic with mine. I’m trying so hard to get past it.s

  30. rosy

    I feel I am at the illumination stage. After a 4-year total cut off separation, one day the runner phoned, and at first all dams broke and I cried heaps, but afterwards I feel like the calm I have never felt before. He is still away, still does not recognize our bond, but I have changed so much that it amazes me. Nevertheless, I love myself very much at last!

  31. This is Amazing! This is the most comprehensive information that i’ve read on the subject of twin flames reunion!
    Thank you deeply for this article! ♥

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  33. monadsamadhi

    Reblogged this on monadsamadhi and commented:
    Yes i love it. I can read it over and over!

  34. monadsamadhi

    I feel like i keep going back and forth between stages, although i feel i am more awakened than my twin.

  35. Ana

    Just starting stage 6. My feelings for him are so overwhelming that I just coud not stand it. He was nothing but nice to me and I do love him deeply, but I felt so powerless in his presence that I just had to leave. It took me 20 years to realize that. Now we live miles away and have our own issues to solve. Understanding all of this has been painful, but I know that regret is not going to help here. I feel we should let it be and see how it goes.

  36. Sail Away

    I am only hearing this term “twim flame” tonight, and yet it seems so familliar to me. I know exactly who my twim flame is, except I don’t think he feels the same connection to me. We were friends 5 years ago and had a connection then, but he started dating someone else soon after and got married. We remained friends but not as close. He has recently split from her and I’ve been trying to talk to him more but he seems distracted. It’s like he pushes away all of my attempts at any kind of connection again. I just know its him. I have a weird longing to be near him and feel a constant emptiness that hes not around. I dream about him in dreams that seem so realistic but its events that havent happened. When I first met him I felt safe for the first time in a long time. I felt like I was home in his arms and like everything was right. I even wrote about this in my journal long before I heard about twin flames. I long for him and cant understand why he doesnt have the same longing for me.

  37. Eyecan

    I met my twin over 20 years ago it caused so much devastation to our lives. I was and still am very happily married. Over the years I learned to forget and now enjoy a fulfilling life. However just now I am receiving a deep stirring within my soul as if my twin is trying to reconnect. I do not consider myself to be a spiritual person. However this feeling is overwhelming. I am very reluctant to contact my twin again but at the same time would hate to cause her pain. I believe I know where she is. In a terrible quandary.

    • SeaOfLove

      Hi Eyecan, I was reading all the comments and wanted to reply to you because I can relate to what you wrote, you mentioned it has been “20 years” since you met your twin, it’s been 17 since I met mine and it has been so very painful, yet the pull and the longing continues. We have both moved on with our lives and periodically lose contact, usually via one of us doing the “running” now he is married and I am with my long term partner, but we have recently reconnected, my intuition has been telling me soon there could be a chance for us to maybe, finally come together in a more complete way, but it would mean turning my life upside down, now I have to just work out, do I take this risk, or live the rest of my life in regret and stay safe. Hmmm?

      • Eyecan

        Hi Sea of Love thanks for responding. Since my last comment I have down a lot of praying and contemplation. For my own part I have decided that I will stay with my wife because of our deep love. I believe for myself it would be sinful to destroy love and that includes all love even if you feel a higher love people can’t help the degree of love they feel or are capable of. After all I have waited for eons so I can afford to wait as long as it takes . All the very best.

  38. susi

    Its interesting that noone made a relationship here with his twin flame. I think my turn comes, 3 months ago…but im already in other relationship, thats doing well….But when i felt his energy and vibrations i could jump from joy. I couldnt sleep and he was in my mind and it is all the time..When i sleep he is in my dreams…its too strong,never felt like this before thats why im sure that thats he. And never met someone with the exactly same flame in the a mirror… i think he knows it. Its even frightening how strong such a energy, magnetic can be.It starts another energy that we cant controll… When im near him i feel energy…and creative…i feel beutiful. We were looking for eachother..he told me..i had to travel anywhere to finaly find you…but now…he took distance. And told me – i dnt need yr love.Thats hutrs me much…but i know deep in me he is in love and feel the same way, his ego and mine have to learn a new lessons. But he felt all this with me i know it and that confuse him…we have almost 20 j.diference. I just want him to give up and really recodnise whats happening…i have read a lot about twin flames and it fits. we are on the same spiritual level and work all the time on us, want to help others…I hope God protect us all…love and light to you all, dont afright to contact yr twin flame, not everyone have this oppertunity, theres nothing impossible! Open yr heart chakra…<3

  39. Jenny yang

    Does it mean anything if you dream of a shaman telling you who your soul mate is???

    • SeaOfLove

      Jenny, it could mean that a spirit guide that you have known in a past life is working with you on the spiritual planes.

  40. Faith

    I met my twin flame in 1992. There were so many synchronicites and our childhoods and personalities were so similar that we nicknamed ourselves “the twins”. It was at least 5 years later that I learned that “twin souls” is an actual term. Anyway, the intensity of our relationship drove us apart. I remember it felt very scary knowing his name, and only his name was written across my soul’s heart. I ran, he wouldn’t take me back and then he ran.
    He stopped running a few years later but I was remarried and pregnant. I loved my new soul mate husband (although it feels different, more like a romantic friendship) and was dedicated to my family so I couldn’t return. I honestly never thought my twin would return for me in this lifetime so I had moved on, and I can’t begin to describe the depths of pain we both suffered because of it. My twin & I tried to maintain a friendship for 13 years, but it was excruciating. There was always a glass wall between us.
    We have been no contact for a 2 years. I talk to his higher self, I send him nice thoughts, I visit with him in dreams (we are usually with a counselor or in a church setting). Sometimes I see signs or feel his higher self with me. I know I have been with him in other lives, I know at the very least I will be with him in heaven. I had to surrender to that. It took almost 20 years.

    • SeaOfLove

      Thank you for sharing your experience Faith, thank you because I relate to it so intensley. No matter how much suffering I experience wih my twin I know we will as you say ‘at least be together in ‘heaven’ or ‘in spirit’ (however you want to term it) one day also.

    • Your story is sad but has a hint of hope. You at least have the spiritual connection. I am unable to communicate with my own “higher self” let alone anyone else’s. However, my ex appears often in my dreams which really posses me off. Even when I’m in a good mood and haven’t been thinking about her she’ ‘ll pop up in a dream. I don’t want to see her, she hates me and has now met her new “soul mate”. I want her Astral self to leave me alone.

      • SeaOfLove

        Oh Troy, why does she hate you, was it because you acted childish or purely out of your ego rather than your heart. It is a common story, men that don’t understand women and do not try to. People and relationships are mirrors, they offer us the opportunity to see where we are not as awesome as we think we are. Its humbling, perhaps she is visiting you because on a soul level there is still some kind of love connection – even though on the personality level you say she hates you – you can’t hate someome that you have been with if deep down you didnt love them – so she obviously loves your soul but wishes your ego wasn’t so off the charts. You probably trigger her in a very intense way. She is not doing this consciously and if you didnt have something to learn from her and your connection still, she would not show up in this way. Look at what it was that she was getting you to look at in yourself, its the only sane thing to do to gain some clarity and self understanding and improve yourself from the inside. Good luck

  41. We just got into the runner dynamic. I dont know how long i can handle the physical sensations of my heart being shredded a part. He knows about *me*. I havent seen him in weeks. But it started, i feel it on all levels, tonight. It brought about some really negative, ugly emotions, ive never really dealt with.

    I knew this was coming, its putting me to the hardest test in my entire exsistence.

    I feel completely lost and want to run anywhere for insight and advice. But i know that wouldnt heal this. I have to start my work. How im to accomplish this feeling like THIS…. i dont know. But i will.

  42. Captain Eyecan

    I used to think that when I met my twin flame we were close to returning to the One, That we were old souls reaching the end of our journey, but perhaps I was wrong. I now believe that we were recently separated from the source and our journey has just begun and we will continue to drift further and further apart before we can come together. I suppose that isn’t so bad.

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  44. Elly

    Never forget that the fact that you met your twin flame means the universe WANTS you to unite…it is always seeking ways to express its love through us and twin flames are an ultimate expression of this. Have faith in your own souls power of evolution because evry time you evolve so does your twin.

    • Eyecan

      Hi I feel empathy for you as I have faced a similar situation only I have never met my twin for over 20 years and eventually came to forget her, Then one night I had a soul-sharing experience and was filled with joy, I knew it was her and I wanted to meet he desperately but over the next few days I realized this was inappropriate and although I found her on facebook I wrote her that the next time we would meet would be when I was very old and she would come to steal my soul. I told her I would delete my account and never try to meet her again, which I have done. What puzzled me most was trying to understand the purpose of this experience after so many years, I still don*t know but have learnt that I have a wonderful life and it could not be better if we united’ indeed it would probably be worse. The other realization is that life is short what does it even matter about things eternal in a blink it will be over anyway and new realities will ensue. Love is free and by releasing your love and not trying to contain your are increasing the flow of love throughout the universe and it is sure to return to you a thousandfold, I wish you all the best, if anything your experience will help you grow as a spiritual being and develop true wisdom, So I guess I am asking you to cherish such a beautiful experience and feel lucky that you were privileged to experience it, In any event as the german philosopher said the greatest form of love is longing, I wish you well.

  45. dave

    I believed this. Alot of it applies to me but I have given up believing anymore.

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  47. ana

    I believe I met my twinflame 6 years ago, now I think that he is still running from me or I’m the runner? This guy was on my highschool, before I met him in person, I had dreams of a mysterious blond tall boy who came and kiss me because of nothing and then disappeared. In the next 2 years he and I were in highschool in different classes, he was 1 year older, I didn’t know his name and I didn’t care at all! Because I was with other guys.

    But I always found that blond boy beautiful,and I was searching for him in the hallway to take a look and that was enough for me. The problems was that he was looking for me, he knew my name! He was nervous when we were closer, and was trembling and I was shocked, he looked at me like he knew me! One time he said he knew where was my house, and I was scared. He used to touch me in my arm and shoulders from the back and then say “Hi” smile, and then he would go away. After that 2 years I was in the last year and he was in College. One of my “boyfriends” left me and I was devasted because I realized that I was betrayed.

    Then the blond guy and I began to meet in the most unexpected times and places and it was like always, he could be quiet and stare to me for minutes, and say nothing, and I was afraid. But I asked his name and I added him on facebook, I found out that he was in a relationship for 3 years! I felt really awkward and angry, so I didn’t talk to him and just ignored him after he accepted my request. Then he was online in msn, and his profile picture was he and his girlfriend in the beach, then a window would pop up and it was he saying hello, and changed his picture for one of him alone.

    I thought he was a liar and that never liked me at all, he must be laughing at me beacuse he always had a girlfriend and he must thought I was an idiot to fall for him. I was in rage angainst myself and said nothing to him because I would never show myself weak or devasted. After some days, he apologized to me, and said that he never wanted to hurt me or abuse me, and that he was feeling very bad all the time, I didn’t know what was he talking about, because I never showed him that I liked him, I felt shocked like he could read my mind, and I ignored the things he said and pretended that I never minded nothing and that we could be friends, beacuse I was proud, I´m still a proud person.

    One night I had a dream, I was in a train station and I was about to leave, and then he was running to me and kissed me and then he went away and turned back to look at me, then I woke up. That morning, his facebook status was “single” I went to the market in the afternoon and he was there! I looked at him and he was petrified and was staring at me in silence, then I felt weird and ignored him.

    After two days we had a date, the ONLY official date, in that moment, I was looking at him and I was feeling so strange… like I never loved him! I thought I wanted to run, that he wasn’t what I wanted and that I didn’t needed him anymore and rejected his kiss I felt fear and revulsion form one hour to another. That night I felt anxiety and I threw my cellphone in the washing machine, I didn’t wanted to speak with him and wanted to be far away from him. That night his facebook status was that wasn’t his day and that it was the worst mistake of our lives, and he deleted his account.

    It took me 1 month to realize that, I needed him closer, and that I never loved anyone but him, that he always had been there and I couldn’t see it. The dreams began to tormenting me, were almost everyday, and I found his new facebook profile, he accepted my request, but wasn’t the same. I began to call him, and he never picked up, I felt devasted. His status were like he was angry about a person, like he was feeling betrayed and abandoned, and said that he would never turn back anymore. I thought it was about his ex girlfriend, and I felt angry at him again. Then, one day I left him a voice message saying that I “liked him” only, because I didn’t wanted to tell I “loved you” because I’m proud and never used the word love for anyone and I was feeling shame.

    The next morning his status was “I made up my mind, you will never have my love, because you never loved me, we must live our lives like nothing would have happened before and I was only a beautiful memory for you, someday I will meet you again, everywhere.” I DIDN’T GET IT, so I instantly felt betrayed and began to ignore him and blocked him and has been 6 years, we have met in the bus, or streets and I never said hello to him again, neither he, just keep staring at me for minutes and I still feeling the shaking and trembling thing in silence. Sometimes he add me on facebook and I accept him and then I block him, and then later, the same thing almost every year. I know that he is in a relationship and me too, but we are so different, we always were different, he was the shy and diligent guy and I love to live freely and to have multiple experiences, I can’t take suffering! that why I don’t want to feel nothing for him anymore! In that year when we became closer, I never felt attraction or desire to other men, and that wasn’t me! I never felt that way, before him, I was always searching for thrill and I liked anyone. I want to forget him, and never have that dreams again, are like nightmares because they torture me, and when I dream with him, always that same day I meet him in the street and I don’t like that!, I want my old life back, I guess I’m still a proud person to talk to him.

  48. Mika

    wow great hearing all your experiences. thix helps so much you guys have no idea.
    I also have a twin soul, we met in college, he immediately felt a pull towards me, i thought he was a weirdo… i ignored him. it took a year of his constant efforts to make me go on a date with him. he wanted me badly. no idea why. we went on 2 dates, one was just lunch, then on the next one we spent a whole afternoon together. the 3 day he wanted to surprise me and he planned the most romatic weekend trip in italy for me. it was magic. there we became closer and closer, he was attracted to me so bad although there were some deal breakers for him and previously he would have not proceeded with anyone. he is 4 yrs older btw. however, the sex was incredible, then i got afraid, pulled back, he came even stronger towards me. everything was perfect. for one and a half yrs. then as i met his family, i have a feeling that his ego and old belief system did not allow him to proceed in the relationship and so he slowly became more emotionally and physically distant, verbally and physically abusive, he did everything to kick me out of his life, he hurt me so bad it took me 4 years to heal. the last years were a torture, constant dreams of him while i was trying to forget him and to heal. when i met him, he was ambitious yet down to earth, then with our energy synergy he became a success story and he made me feel really bad that i was not good enough for him anymore, that i was nothing. his ego completely took over and he left me like a piece of trash although it was me who helped me in his process. i hit bottom ground.
    nevertheless i came back to him several times, not understanding his actions towards me. asking for clarity. making sure if he really doesn’t love me anymore… but i found out that it was just his ego. he would never admit that. for him i was nonexistent, a nuisance even. my spirtual work began to deepen as i was trying to heal, all the while he became more and more financially successful, and he looked even more down on me, i could feel it. i am also focusing on creative outlets in my life, as a result of this union. then my father died and i was in a new emotional trauma. i this pain i called him, he wanted to see me asap. we met after some weeks when i was ready to face him. he was a complete jerk and he brought me down even more. when i was at my lowest. however, i see through him, and it is just his hyperinflated ego, all of it. he told me i had to leave because he feels my pain and he could not handle it, not even for a few minutes. and i was living with the pain for years. i think he is in denial mode, he can feel me still… he told me he never had such a connection with anyone, he even said ‘when you know you know’. i have moved on, he has a new girlfriend, i feel unconditional love towards him now. took me years of hard pain and work. if he is my twin he should be back at some point… he did write me out of the blue some times. but i haven’t responded. let’s see. never thought i could love someone who hurt me so much. wow. with all other boyfriends i had i would have quit the elationship immediately. but he is someone i just cannot unlove.

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  50. Hi I’m Renee, I’ve gone thru all these phases with my twin soul..i sometimes feel like I’m losing it when I miss him too much esp. Now that he’s working miles away from me luckily I can still feel his unconditional love in spirit and it’s warm and yet consuming

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